Waste Collection

Per Spring Township Ordinance, it is required that all residents have a licensed refuse hauler and participate in recycling. There is no set hauler for the Township; therefore, you must contact a hauler for trash pick-up and for them to provide you with a recycling bin.

In conjunction with Bellefonte Borough, our residents are able to utilize the landfill located on Musser Lane.  Items that are acceptable are:  grass clippings, brush (3-4 foot lengths) leaves and wood chips.  You CANNOT dispose of railroad ties, concrete and stone at the landfill.  RESIDENTS are allowed to take pine mulch and regular mulch from the landfill.  If you go during the week, you must come in to the Township Building and fill out a registration card and put down a $10.00 deposit to get a key (which is refunded when the key is return that day) from 8-4:30 Monday thru Thursday and 8-3:30 on Friday.  On Saturday it is open 8-11:45 am from early Spring to early Fall, no key required.  Please keep in mind, if the rules are not followed and items that are not accepted are taken to the landfill or if the key is not returned to our office by the end of the day, your priviledges to use the landfill will be revoked.