Employment Opportunities

  • Updated: 9 months 2 weeks ago
    Spring Township (Centre Co.) is seeking applicants for a full-time position as a Water Operator within the Spring Township Water Authority. Applicants must hold or willing to acquire a water operator license within one year. Applicants must have strong math skills and the ability to troubleshoot electrical and mechanical problems. Attention to detail, the ability to work alone and excellent verbal communication skills working directly with customers and general public are pertinent for this position. Must be able to periodically check water system on weekends and be available for emergency occurrences. Duties include maintain a routine monthly bacteriologic sampling program to monitor the bacteriologic quality of the municipal water supply. Continue established leak detection program and make repairs as needed. Record the daily water pumpage from each well supply. Periodically check water levels in the municipal well supplies for both static and pumping water levels. Establish and maintain an up-to-date general plan of the water system showing the location of valves, hydrants, storage tanks, water mains, and their size, pumps, wells, and pumping facilities. Establish and maintain...Read more